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Responsive email template generator.

FuzzyMail is a simple tool for generating beautiful email templates. Supporting old email clients while maintaining responsiveness. FuzzyMail is supported on over 60+ email clients.

Get Started
FuzzyMail home page illustration
// Step 1: Create a directory for the new email template and from there
// initialize FuzzyMail to generate the file structure *
$ npx fuzzymail

// Step 2: Run development environment
$ npm run dev

// Step 3: Generate distribution files
$ npm run prod


// * FuzzyMail requires Node v12+.


Dev ServerDev Server

A development server for a preview of your email templates.


Watches for all your changes and reloads in real-time.


Preprocessors: PostCSS or Sass with source maps.

Inline CSSInline CSS

Inlines all the CSS as required by some email clients.


Responsive design while maintaining legacy support.


Flexible build customization, managed by gulp tasks.

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